Employer & Individual Benefits

Employer & Individual BEnefits

A solid benefits package is a crucial part of hiring and retaining good employees. At Boley Featherston we can design and customize a benefits package to meet the needs of your workforce and budget. Whether it is a major medical plan or ancillary lines of coverage such as dental, vision, or life, we use the top rated carriers that are the best fit for your company.

All of these coverages are also available on an individual basis.


Major medical insurance is the cornerstone of any benefits package. There are many different levels of coverage from low deductible, minimal out of pocket plan designs, to catastrophic high deductible plans. Major medical plans are available on both a fully and self-insured basis. We can also set up HSA (Health Savings Account) compatible plans, an HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement), as well as an FSA (Flexible Savings Account).  


Good dental hygiene is proven to reduce gum disease and the occurrence of other health problems. In addition it is one of the most requested coverage options for an employee workforce. It is available on an employer paid and voluntary basis.


Regular eye exams can lead to early detection of glaucoma, hypertension, macular degeneration, and diabetes. Vision insurance is very affordable and covers the cost of exams and materials such as frames, lenses, and contacts. It is available on an employer paid and voluntary basis benefits


A basic life benefit is very affordable for your employee workforce and with a basic life benefit in place employees can also buy additional life insurance for themselves and their families at their own cost.


Income replacement when you are not able to work is a very important way to protect assets and to enable you and your employees to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Short and long-term disabilities coverage is very affordable on a group basis and can be both employer paid and voluntary.

Long Term Care

Most major medical plans only pay a limited benefit for long-term care and home health care. Once these benefits are exhausted you are on the hook for all of these expenses. LTC coverage is another great way to protect your assets and is very affordable on a group basis.

Voluntary Worksite

Why not allow your employees to purchase accident, critical illness (i.e., cancer, heart, and stroke), or even a lump sum hospitalization coverage such as AFLAC? These can be easily payroll deducted and give your employees peace of mind and money in their pocket when an unexpected accident or illness occurs.

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